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Satisfied American Patient Spreads the Word about Medical Travel Facilitator Travel For Care

Monterrey, Mexico January 2010

Aaron Clark, the first of many southern Texans looking for the highest quality eye-care available south of the border, recently arrived to Monterrey, Mexico with the excitement of finally receiving his long awaited Lasik procedure. Arriving by bus from McAllen, Texas with his mother and sister, they were welcomed at the bus station by Travel For Care’s owner Gabriel Senior. Aaron stated “right from the beginning we were incredibly impressed by the personalized attention we received from Travel For Care, not only did they arrange everything for us, but we were met at the bus station and taken directly to our hotel by the company’s owner.” The next day, Aaron received his PRK treatment by world renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Jesus Vidaurri, and later stated “I spent time researching my options abroad and came to the conclusion that I wanted the very best, and that is why I chose Dr. Vidaurri at Hospital San José”.

Although the main purpose of the trip to Monterrey was for Aaron to have his vision corrected, his mother and sister quickly decided they too wanted to take advantage of the high-quality yet affordable network offered by Travel For Care. After sharing with Gabriel their interest in plastic surgery, they were immediately scheduled a face-to-face consultation with one of Monterrey’s top internationally trained Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Rodrigo Munro-Wilson.

Filled with the excitement of such a productive time in Monterrey, during the trip back home to McAllen Aaron and his family took the time to personally call Gabriel and thank him for such excellent service, Aaron stated “I am excited to share my experience with all my friends, family and coworkers and promise to spread the world about Travel For Care’s excellent network of surgeons and high-quality customer service. We’re now looking at dates for our next cosmetic surgery-related trip to Monterrey.”

As with most health-related aspects, Americans and Canadians must find quick and easy alternatives to expensive healthcare at home. Luckily, globalization has created an industry that specializes in providing options very close by. Creating viable and attractive healthcare services targeting Americans is in the top developmental strategy of various countries.

COSJ, the leading eye care clinic in Monterrey has built an excellent reputation over their more than twenty years of existence. As its founder, Dr. Jesus Vidaurri states: “We pioneered LASIK, PRK, and cataract surgeries in Mexico. In fact, we’ve been doing this before they were even available in the US, and still offer prices which are 60% lower than those of my colleagues and some former students, just two hours away from here in Southern Texas.” With all its members boasting resumes that show US education and years of experience, clinics like this one are the answer for an American patient looking for top-notch, affordable lasik surgery.

Gabriel Senior, General Manager at Monterrey-based Medical Travel specialist Travel For Care, states: “Sorrily, it is not widely known that very affordable cataract surgery and care for vision conditions is available very close by, at great clinics, by top surgeons with U.S. training and experience” With prices as low as $995 for a refractive (very inexpensive LASIK or PRK), and starting at $1,995 for an inexpensive cataract surgery, the answer is Medical Travel.

COSJ is Monterrey’s most renown eye care clinic housed in JCI-accredited Hospital San José TEC de Monterrey. Initially founded by Dr. Jesus Vidaurri, it has facilities in Monterrey and in the border city of Reynosa, just across from McAllen, TX. For more information, please visit

Travel For Care is an innovative Medical Travel start-up firm headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, marketing Medical Solutions to American patients looking for elective and non-elective procedures. For more information, please visit

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