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The Perfect Cosmetic Getaway

Monterrey, Mexico, October 26th, 2009

When one thinks of the term Medical Travel, often times the first thing that comes to mind is a desperate patient traveling far away from home to receive a necessary heart or orthopedic surgery. However, there exists yet another side of Medical Travel that is gaining popularity among Americans in which the main purpose is not a lifesaving surgery, but instead opportunities to enhance one’s appearance and even relax in the meantime. Plastic and Cosmetic procedures are much more expensive in the U.S. and Canada than elsewhere, which is why thousands of Americans and Canadians are looking for alternatives abroad.

While searching for the perfect destination to have these procedures done, it is important to not only look at price, but where you can find the most qualified doctors and best facilities. Contrary to what many people might think, this rules out the usual suspects for a fantastic leisure/spa getaway. Places like The Patagonia, Anguilla, and Los Cabos are perfect destinations from a purely leisure perspective, however their health facilities should be though of as for emergency purposes only. The healthcare hubs of the developing world have proven to offer not only higher quality standards but also more experienced and renowned specialists.

As a means of improving our self confidence and rejuvenating our spirits, most of us would be more than willing to schedule any number of cosmetic and spa treatments…if only we could afford it. Thanks to the globalization of health care, these treatments are no longer a luxury just for the rich. With a short trip across the border, anyone can have access to top cosmetic and plastic surgeons, facilities, and spas…at a fraction of the U.S. cost. Imagine the U.S. price-tag for a breast augmentation surgery combined with botox injections, a skin rejuvenating micro-dermabrasion treatment, massage or facial...this could cost anywhere between $11,500 and $13,000! However, just across the border in Monterrey, Mexico, you can be treated in the finest hospitals, clinics, and spas for less than half of that.

There are numerous destinations throughout the world that offer leisure, breathtaking views, and a tranquil atmosphere. However, do you want to meet the doctor in Paraguay, or the operating room in St. Lucia? While these places are amazing from a leisure point of view, when you add in health care and aesthetics, you better leave it to the health care capitals of the developing world. Monterrey, Mexico may not be the first place one investigates when considering going overseas for a cosmetic or spa treatment, however, due to the experience of plastic and cosmetic surgeons as well as the quality of the city’s hospitals, Americans should begin to re-think their cosmetic and spa destinations. Hospital San José and Perfecta Beauty Hospital are two of the high quality and modern facilities available to treat Americans for anything from a breast augmentation surgery, to eyelid surgery to botox injections. Here, one can enjoy their stay in the city while benefiting from the highest quality treatments and plastic surgeons.

As one of Latin America’s most modern and vibrant cities, it makes a wonderful sight-seeing weekend trip while enjoying being pampered from head to toe. Nonstop flights from Houston start at $350 and five start hotels cost less than $100 a night. While there, enjoy the variety of spa treatments delivered by spas which are at par with the best in Mexico’s tourist destinations, as well as the amazing offering of affordable cosmetic and plastic treatments available from U.S. trained doctors in world-class facilities.  If you’re serious about getting cosmetic treatments or plastic surgery to improve your appearance, think high quality and experience. Think the healthcare capital of Medical Travel.

Hospital San José TEC de Monterrey is one of Monterrey's best regarded healthcare institutions, accredited by the Joint Commission International, and part of the Monterrey TEC, Mexico's largest private education system. For more information, please visit

Dr. Rodrigo Munro-Wilson, together with his partner, Dr. Lionel Dignowity practice at their own clinic called PERFECTA BEAUTY HOSPITAL in Monterrey, Mexico. They are dedicated to the highest standards of excellency in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. For more information, visit

Travel For Care is an innovative Medical Travel start-up firm headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, marketing Medical Solutions to American patients looking for elective and non-elective procedures. It also markets affordable cosmetic getaways and inexpensive plastic surgery retreats. For more information, please visit







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